W.O.P.R   W.O.P.R STORM monitor - The windows service   Help


The windows service

Download the service program. Before installation, be sure you have installed and built the SQLite database and made an ini file Directory C:\WOPR installation
\WOPR\storm_monitor C:\WOPR\storm_monitor.ini /install
You should see this messagebox: Messagebox for Successfull install The installation needs correction in the registry, so start regedit:
Locate the key
in the left pane, and in the right pane there is en entry, ImagePath as shown here: Part of regedit The inifile part of the command is not registred when installingthe service, so we have to manually expand it to:
C:\WOPR\storm_monitor.exe C:\WOPR\storm_monitor.ini
Now you are ready to start the service under Control Panel|Administrative tools|Services