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The Linux(x86) program/daemon

Download the Linux program. Before running, be sure you have installed and built the SQLite database and made an ini file Directory /WOPR Activation /WOPR/storm_monitor /WOPR/storm_monitor.ini -d ~> The -d switch is used to daemonize the program, if run without -d, it behaves as a normal program. You should see this startup message: System settings, check with ini file Decimal separator = "." Time separator = ":" Day number 1 = "Sun" Day number 2 = "Mon" Day number 3 = "Tue" Day number 4 = "Wed" Day number 5 = "Thu" Day number 6 = "Fri" Day number 7 = "Sat" ~> This is displayed to check with inifile settings of the days and times.