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W.O.P.R Shoutbox W.O.P.R discuss - A shoutbox/chat/discussion about this site. W.O.P.R Shoutbox Original - A copy of the original shoutbox by Rune Jensen/RJ Webdesign This shoutbox i based on ASP and a simple file system. It doesn't require any database skills. W.O.P.R Shoutbox Gonzales - Database driven shoutbox. Gonzales? - It had to be called something. But since it is optimized in every aspect (given the limits of IIS/ASP/Access), i decided 'Gonzales'. Gonzales is an old timer Cartoon figure from TV series in my childhood. W.O.P.R Shoutbox W.O.P.R - Native code/Database driven shoutbox. This shoutbox is placed at another (Linux based) home. The backend of the shoutbox is made with Kylix, which is a Linux version of Delphi. As a database, i chose SQLite. Why? their motto says it all: Small. Fast. Reliable. Choose any three But this shoutbox is only supposed to explore various techniques of Javascript Server side programming and various database techniques. It is not supposed to be fully functional.


W.O.P.R Shoutbox Gonzales.int - Internal shoutbox.