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New golden look (work in progress)

This is some various themes in golden look. I think the old ones was kind of boring.

W.O.P.R vs thttpd

Extract of performance data bursting 10 simultaneous requests every 100 ms: thttpd : here wopru : here

Danish infrastructure base (ISB)

A monitoring project for the danish government - once upon a time -. We are around late 2001 till 2002, where the Danish government decided to startup "digital government". One of the components was establishing a "Meta data data base" as we called it, but later it became InfraStructure Base. (isb.oio.dk) As a side project to establishing the "XML project" as it was also called, i had this monitoring project. Monitor - to determine if the providers (Accenture + Microsoft) could conform to the agreed SLA.

Monitoring availability

  1. Availability for 2003.01.30
  2. Availability for 2003.01.31
  3. Summary for availability during the trial phase

Monitoring responsetimes

  1. Responsetimes for 2003.01.30
  2. Summary for responsetimes during the trial phase

A Monitor burst

  1. This View of a burst illustrates the behaviour of servers with GC

The final report for the ISB trial can be found here

Pressroom monitoring

A monitoring project for the danish government - once upon a time -. The homepage at that time was pressroom.gov.dk (Non existing anymore) You might take a look at the wayback machine Take me back But anyway, here is some samples from the monitoring project in december 2002 - january 2003. The goal here was to observe responsetime granulated to the hour of the day.

  1. Responsetimes for 2002.12.15
  2. Responsetimes for 2002.12.16
  3. Responsetimes for 2002.12.17
  4. Responsetimes for 2002.12.18