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Data source: data Look under Data Access. Note from Google cache 17. feb 2010 02:00:56 http://noaasis.noaa.gov/NOAASIS/ml/genlsatl.html Currently, NOAA is operating five polar orbiters. A new series of polar orbiters, with improved sensors, began with the launch of NOAA-15 in May 1998 and NOAA-16 on September 21, 2000. The newest, NOAA-17, was launched June 24, 2002. NOAA-12, NOAA-14 and NOAA-15 all continue transmitting data as stand-by satellites. NOAA-16 and NOAA-17 are classified as the "operational" satellites.

Land based anomalies 2010: Image here Combined orbit and land jan 2010: Combination here